Internet Access

Imagine your life without internet access : Impossible would certainly be the answer of most people.
That is why rent2connect offers you solutions to stay connected wherever you go.
Whether you want 15 minutes or several months of internet access, whether you are in Brussels Airport or not, whether you have your own computer/laptop or not,... rent2connect has the appropriate solution for you.

Internet Access at Brussels Airport

With or without your own laptop/PC, all arriving, departing and transiting passengers, as well as the people that come to pick you up (meeters and greeters) can get internet access at Brussels Airport either :

a) laptop:

- by buying an internet voucher in our rent2connect shop in the Arrival Hall or at one of our Voucher Machines located in the Airport => wireless access;
- by connecting your laptop to our network in our shop in the Arrival Hall or at one of our Communication Centers located in the Airport.


b) PC:

- by buying a logincode in our rent2connect shop in the Arrival Hall or at one of our Communication Centers located in the Airport and logging onto one of our PC's.

Rental of Internet Access for use outside Brussels Airport

For business and leisure customers who want to remain connected during their entire stay in Brussels, Belgium, Europe,... we offer an easy-to-use high-speed wireless internet access solution from 1 day up to several months.
No need to buy expensive equipment or sign up for 1 or 2-year contracts. Just rent your internet access with us.
Contact us, let us know how long you stay and we will make sure you get the best solution to fit your internet access needs.
If you do not want to bring your own PC/laptop we can rent you our truly mobile office solution, including laptop, printer, internet access, ... all in one small suitcase.


Shop in the Arrival Hall

Internet access can be bought in our shop located in the Arrival Hall of the Brussels Airport, 1930 Zaventem during business hours:
- from 07.30 am until 08.00 pm Monday to Friday
- from 08.00 am until 02.00 pm Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

Outside our opening hours, you can also use the 24h/24h automatic system located outside the shop.


Communication Centres

Apart from our shop in the Arrival Hall 4 other Communication Centers are at your disposal throughout the Brussels Airport : 2 in Terminal A (Schengen flights) and 2 in Terminal B (non Schengen flights).
These fully automatic Communication Centers have been set up with our partner Telenet and offer you internet access (cash or coins) and printing facilities as well as coin phones.

Voucher Machines

Customers who prefer to go online with their own laptop and via the wireless hotspots located throughout the Brussels Airport can buy a 1-hour voucher (valid for 90 days after first login) at one of our voucher machines or in our shop in the Arrival Hall.

Voucher machines can be found :
- Terminal A
  • 1 in Terminal A between gates A / T and A / T next to the Sports Bar
  • 1 in front of the reception of the business lounges

- Terminal B

  • 1 in the Communication Center located next to the Leffe Café in the shopping area
  • 1 in Terminal B between gates B7 and B9
  • 1 at the top of the staircase towards the business lounges

- Brucargo

  • 1 at the entrance of the office building
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Why rent2connect?

  • Easy-to-use solutions
  • Instantly available and operational solutions
  • 24h/7d pick-up / drop off
  • 24h/7d customer service (helpline)
  • Short and long term rentals
  • Express delivery
  • Detailed invoice
  • Multilingual and trained staff at your service
  • Number 1 for more than 20 years in and around Belgium


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